Clean and maintainable front-end code

By using Sass and a modular approach, you get code that stays fresh. And your team can learn how to keep it that way.

Front-end code is infamous for starting to decay early, often when it's only a few weeks old. You add class names to battle specificity issues and still your styling magically breaks. Sound familiar? Then let's talk: I have fixed these issues for numerous companies and taught dozens of people to do the same.

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Whether you need just a few designs transformed into front-end code or have a project running for months, you need quality code that your team can implement and maintain with ease. With well over a hundred projects under my belt, I deliver on time. I'm happy to work in close collaboration with your team. Get in touch.

Front-End Architecture & Development

You need your design converted into modular front-end code using Haml/Slim and Sass, so you can easily reuse building blocks. You can't have your team spend days trying to fit code into the asset pipeline or copy/paste markup to create partials. With over 8 years of Rails experience, I know what you need.

Front-End for Mobile

With an in-house collection of over a dozen handheld devices, you can count on code that works on handhelds too. Not just by fitting a small screen, but also taking into account processing power, memory consumption and touch interaction.

Front-End Refreshing

Your web app needs to be responsive, support retina devices and work on handhelds, but you don't want to throw out all of your existing code. Or you want your current design to use a modular architecture and take advantage of what Sass has to offer. I'll help refactor your code to modern standards, lasting you for years to come.


While you or your team could spend weeks of reading and years of gathering practical experience, why not have me teach you what I've learned? Hit the ground running and save valuable time. You'll be able to put your learnings into practice the very next day, guaranteed.

I have taught many individuals and teams about Sass & Compass, modular front-end architecture or a combination of the two. I'd be happy to come to your place too (will travel internationally)!

  • Advanced Sass Course

    Turn your Sass up to 11. A combination of a book, video's, excercises and screencasts. Even one-on-one face time with the author! More info:

  • Advanced Sass workshop

    8H (5H online) workshop. For anyone who wants to seriously level up their Sass skills, this workshop covers real life use cases that require smart Sass. More info:

  • Sass & Compass workshop

    8H (5H online) workshop. Suited for everyone with at least a basic understanding of CSS, this workshop covers all you need to know about Sass & Compass to be an advanced user after just one day. Great for back-end developers too!

  • Modular Front-End workshop

    4H workshop. Suited for everyone with at least a basic understanding of CSS, this workshop covers what modular front-end is and how to apply it to your own projects. For both front-end and back-end developers.


In 1996 I wrote my first front-end code. In 2005 I co-founded 80beans, one of the first Ruby consultancies in Europe. In 2007 I learned about Sass and haven't written any CSS since. In 2012 I co-founded AppSignal, the greatest Rails performance monitoring and error tracking tool since sliced bread. After managing 80beans for over 8 years it was time for a change, and recently I've gone freelance. I'm retaining my position at AppSignal, which remains under active development.

The best way to learn is by teaching. I have presented at over two dozen (Ruby) conferences all over the world, including notable ones such as SassConf, Madison Ruby, Rocky Mountain Ruby, Feature of Web Apps and CSS Summit. With topics ranging from front-end architecture and advanced Sass to neuromarketing for the web, I'm sure we can find a topic your audience will like. Get in touch if you'd like me to speak or give a workshop at your event.


Here's the latest from my blog. You can find all articles on the blog page.

Remote Rails front-end dev for hire!

[Updated 2015-03-30] If you're looking for a remote front-end developer that can turn your Rails project up to eleven, look no further. Combine 16 years of front-end experience and over 9 years of experience on the front-end side of Rails, and you get, well... me.

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