Wroc_love.rb: March 10 & 11

I'm happy to announce that I'll be speaking at wroc_love.rb, which will take place on March 10 & 11 in Wrocław, Poland. It's going to be a fun little conference (about 250 attendees if I'm not mistaken) and features a line-up with speakers such as Avdi Grimm and Jim Gay. Find a short description of my talk below.

Modular & reusable front-end code with HTML5, Sass and CoffeeScript

Do you know that feeling when you start a brand new project, telling yourself you're going to keep your front-end clean this time, and end up with an impossible mess after just a few weeks? Find out how to keep things tidy using HTML5 and modular Sass & CoffeeScript, for truly reusable code.

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