Controlling Itho CVE ECO ventilation with Domoticz

For ventilation, our 17-year-old house is equipped with an Itho air handler for mechanical ventilation. Exhausts in the kitchen, toilet, and bathroom make sure that fresh air gets pulled in through ventilation inlets located over the windows. The air handler made a lot of noise for the past few years, so we mostly had it unplugged. Since that’s a terribly […]

Having fun with Sass lists and strings

At SassConf I presented a one hour “featured workshop” on lists, while also touching on new Sass 3.3 features such as maps and string functions. After all, the best way to learn how new functionality works is to toy around with it (and break stuff), so I decided to create an “animation trajectory grid” (or […]

Should you use a Sass mixin or @extend?

If you want to DRY your CSS, the easiest way is to start using a pre-processor like Sass. Specially in the beginning though, you need to regularly look at what your Sass compiles to. By using mixins for instance, you can seriously scale back the amount of code you need to write. But if you […]

Modernizr & the Sass parent reference

This technique is very simple, but often overlooked because the parent reference & is mostly used at the beginning of a selector, like:

Since & does nothing more than repeat the parent selector, it gives us an excellent way of easily implementing custom styling based on features detected by Modernizr. Just have Modernizr add […]

Stop abusing the placeholder attribute

The placeholder attribute saves web developers from using JavaScript solutions to tackle a simple task: display a placeholder text in a form input. Right now though, the bulk of all forms using this attribute is doing it wrong. By using this feature in a way that was never intended developers create confusion amongst visitors, sometimes […]