Review: Counterpart (2017)

Starz premiered Counterpart in December 2017, and it may just be the best new show of the fall season. For 50% that’s because of the unique storyline, but the other 50% is totally because of J.K. Simmons acting. Set in present day Berlin (but in a different world), there is a portal that leads to […]

Forcing SSL and redirecting www. on a DigitalOcean WordPress droplet

Congratulations, you just created a new blog on a DigitalOcean droplet using their “One-click apps”! But, security conscious as you are, you want it to run over SSL exclusively, and force traffic from to for SEO purposes. When running the default letsencrypt script, as advertized,  it only creates and sets up a certificate for […]

Controlling Itho CVE ECO ventilation with Domoticz

For ventilation our 17 year old house is equipped with an Itho air handler for mechanical ventilation. Exhausts in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom make sure that fresh air gets pulled in through ventilation inlets located over the windows. The air handler made a lot of noise for the past few years, so we mostly had it unplugged. Since that’s […]